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Installation Notes: Hackintosh on a new laptop with Intel Broadwell processor [Intel HD Graphics 5500 working but not perfect]

Update 4 @ 2015.04.18 21:30 PM PDT

A full detailed guide on how to make Intel HD Graphics 5500 work is now available.
Please check

Update 3 @ 2015.04.14 19:20 AM PDT

We somehow fixed the garbled screen issue on Monday simply by enabling Legacy Support in BIOS.
However, now comes a new issue that GPU will randomly stops working. (Kind of like Nvidia Fermi Freeze, but different.)
I have a new hypothesis and will test it later.

Update 2 @ 2015.04.12 01:50 AM PDT

Excited!!! My friend @lisai9093 and I succeeded!!!
We figured out a new and proper way/patch to pass the assertion. And no more kernel panic, no more “black screen”.
But garbled and not built-in internal screen so far. (maybe due to the DVMT in BIOS settings is 32MB; the current conclusion is that we need figure out how to unlock AMI Aptio V UEFI BIOS to access all hidden menus. So we can change DVMT pre-allocated memory size (to 64MB or more) and in theory fix the garbled screen.)
Anyway, Intel HD Graphics 5500 was recognized by OS X, and the screen resolution is correct as usual. Intel Broadwell’s framebuffer drivers were loaded properly with full QE/CI.
I also started new threads (to seek for help) on both insanelymac and tonymacx86 forum two days ago. But I haven’t updated the information in those posts. I will update those threads as soon as I have time.


Update @ 2015.04.10

First of all, thanks for following this post.

Well, to be honest, I need some help now, cuz I am not familiar with reverse engineering. I also plan to start a topic on insanelymac or/and tonymacx86 forum (seek for help.).

According to the kernel panic log, it is “assertion failed minStolenSize <= fStolenMemorySize” that caused kernel panic.

So basically if we can pass this assertion, kernel panic will not happen and in theory framebuffer drivers will be loaded and our graphics cards will be happy. And actually it do work in this way.

On Wednesday midnight, I read the disassemble code of AppleIntelBDWGraphicsFramebuffer binary and tried to patch it to pass the assertion.

And to my surprise, it worked. lisai9093 used my patched drivers and successfully pass the assertion. (i.e. no more kernel panic)

However, the screen just shows nothing but a mouse pointer. According to lisai9093, the movement of mouse is very smooth. The screen resolution is correct and there is no distortion.

We tried to change ig-platform-id, checked the pixel clock frequency, even changed the port, but still “black screen”.

On Thursday, I started to doubt whether I patched the binary in a right way, and the answer is definitely “NO, I WAS WRONG.”

Indeed, my patch passed the assertion, but in a wrong way. To be more specific, it seems that I accidentally changed the stolenMemory constant to 0. (not sure) (I should modify the function part to let the assertion always return true but not change the constant.)

So that’s why lisai9093’s screen showed nothing, because there is no stolen memory for the integrated graphics card to show something.

But according to his latest ioreg, we can make sure that the graphics card really works, as the framebuffer driver was loaded properly; screen resolution is correct; the internal screen was recognized correctly, the graphics card was recognized successfully (We used FakeID, hence the model in ioreg below shows Intel Iris Graphics 6100) And the verbose boot logs also prove this. [IGPU] xxxxxx showing below. (Graphics Accelerator is running and working fine.)

BDWFBLoadedSnip20150410_1Snip20150410_2Again, I am not familiar with disassemble and reverse engineering. (This is way beyond my current knowledge.)

So we need someone who is familiar with disassemble code and figure out which part of code is corresponding to the FBMemory assertion.

Here is a quicklook of partial disassemble code of AppleIntelBDWGraphicsFramebuffer binary.

And I guess offset 0x01a02c 0x01a02e OR 0x01a081 0x01a087 may be related to the FBMemory assertion.


Last but not least, I added a new post about the framebuffer data from AppleIntelBDWGraphicsFramebuffer binary on my blog.

If you are interested in that, please have a look. 🙂


Recently, I worked with @lisai9093 on his new Dell Inspiron 7548 laptop with Intel’s Broadwell processor. The detailed hardware configurations are as follows.

Processor: Intel Core i5-5200U @ 2.20GHz TBF: 2.70GHz
RAM: 8GB 1600MHz
Graphics Card: Intel HD Graphics 5500 (0x80861616)
Sound Card: ALC3234 (= ALC255) (AppleHDA.kext)
Wireless: BCM94352Z (NGFF) (DSDT+FakePCIID.kext)
Screen Resolution: 1920×1080
Current OS X Version: 10.10.3 Final Version (14D131)
Current Bootloader: Clover rev3193

So far, the sound card, wireless card and battery percentage are working fine. Broadwell’s i5-5200U cannot be recognized properly (Showing Unknown in About This Mac) before injecting CPU Type by Clover. ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin.kext will be loaded and CPU power management cannot work properly before creating a custom CpuPm SSDT. Intel’s new integrated graphics card is problematic. Kernel panic will happen once AppleIntelBDWGraphicsFramebuffer.kext is loaded. (i.e. ig-platform-id is injected.)

For the installation part, we first used 10.10.2 (14C109) installer with enabling Haswell-E patch (KernelHaswellE) in Clover to skip the kernel check, then upgraded to 10.10.3 Beta 5, 6, 7. By injecting CPUType = 0x0606 in Clover, i5-5200U can be recognized as “Intel Core i5” with correct frequency in “About This Mac”.


After reading Pike’s (v15.6), I generated a custom CpuPm SSDT by injecting new Board-IDs and information of Broadwell CPUs in his code. Now X86PlatformPlugin.kext and X86PlatformShim.kext can be loaded properly and “IOPPF: XCPM Mode” apprears in the console. However, “XCPM: P-state tables mismatch” also appears in the console due to the inappropriate SMBios(?)(not sure).



Previous: (Before placing custom SSDT.aml)




For the graphics card, just panic if ig-platform-id is injected. We still keep trying.

FYI, here are some information related to Intel’s new integrated graphics cards.

Intel HD Graphics 5300: 0x8086161E

Intel HD Graphics 5500: 0x80861616

Intel HD Graphics 6000: 0x80861626 (MacBook Air ig-platform-id = 0x16260006)

Intel Iris Graphics 6100: 0x8086162b (MacBook Pro ig-platform-id = 0x162b0002)

Intel Iris Pro Graphics 6200: 0x80861622???

Well, this is just a quick note. As Apple released two betas this week, I guess b7 will be the final one.

Special thanks to Pike R Alpha for his amazing ssdtPRGen script.

Installation Notes: Hackintosh on a new laptop with Intel Broadwell processor [Intel HD Graphics 5500 working but not perfect]

    1. FireWolf Write

      Thanks for following.
      Actually, we made a big progress yesterday.
      I patched the AppleIntelBDWGraphicsFramebuffer.kexts to avoid kernel panic.
      And we can make sure that Intel HD Graphics 5500 is working cuz the screen resolution is correct, Intel framebuffer drivers are loaded and there is no distortion.
      Now we are trying to figure out the black screen issue.

      1. UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown

        Could you make your graphics patch public? I have almost the exact same system as you (except for inside a Lenovo G50-80, but identical CPU & graphics) and you might be the first one to have solved that problem…

        1. Giulio Bertellini

          I have a Lenovo G50-70 and all my attempts with Mavericks or Yosemite have failed so far. I could follow your advice to move forward from scratch. Please, if time and energy allow, do outline me how I should start again my journey to load my Lenovo G50-70.

          Thank you very much,

          Giulio B.

  1. Heri

    Hello, i want to install hackintosh too on my laptop, btw although my laptop is different but it have almost same specification. my laptop is HP Pavilion 14 v-202tx,

    Processor: Intel Core i5-5200U @ 2.20GHz TBF: 2.70GHz
    RAM: 4GB 1600MHz
    Graphics Card: Intel HD Graphics 5500 (0x80861616)
    Sound Card: ALC3234 (= ALC255)
    Wireless: BCM43142
    Screen Resolution: 1366×768

    Would you like to tell me the step how to install it? Should i start with 10.10.2 or 10.10.3?
    Thank you.

    1. FireWolf Write

      Well, since Apple released OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 final version two days ago, I think it will be better for you to start with 10.10.3, because the kernel in 10.10.3 works fine with Broadwell processors.
      For the installation step, you can refer to some guides on insanelymac or other hackintosh forums. There is no significant change in installation. : )

      1. Heri

        Hello Firewolf, thanks for your reply. Does intel HD 5500 work with QE/Ci enabled? or maybe it needs time to develop until it has fully function. because i read in your reply that you have great progress with intel HD 5500.

        Thank you.

  2. Geoferry

    Happy to find this article when I try to find out whether there is someone who can use the brand new Intel HD graphics 5500.

    Thanks for the ig-platform-id for HD5500, but can this be used on broadwell processor I7?

    I’ll follow your post

    1. FireWolf Write

      Thanks for following. : )

      What’s your processor? I assume it is i7-5500U.
      In theory, those ig-platform-ids can be used.

      Currently we are trying to find a new patch to avoid kernel panic, because we found that the previous patch I made caused “black screen” (only a pointer on the screen).
      Well, my bad. I am not familiar with reverse engineering. : (

      You can try to inject ig-platform-id in your DSDT or SSDT (Clover not supported) and see whether you will get a kernel panic. If so, could you please post a kernel panic log and let’s whether the reason is the same.

      Anyway, I will update this post tomorrow after I finish my class. 🙂

      1. Geoferry


        Actually, I’m not starting my hackintosh yet. But I post your website address to our native forum. And guess what happened.

        There seems somebody knows who you are. He said your are the previous forum moderator:)

        Hope you back and bring good news.

  3. Geoferry

    Forgot to add my processor. Your answer is very close. But it is I7 5600U. And my laptop is w550s. Indeed, the low TDP processor’s performance is not good.

  4. Crazy

    I’m lucky my computer is Lenovo g50-80,and you should test the same type. I successfully installed os c 10.10.3 and same off you,the Intel HD Graphics 5500 only 3MB and don,t use vere well ,barely used . Good luck for you,to solve the problem.If have some problem, please publish or new development in your micro-blog.My English is pool.Thanks for you contribution.
    Good luck for you .

  5. Joseph

    After I installed it in a hdd with my PC and plugged it to my laptop, it just showed Hackintosh logo while booting and stayed at this forever. My laptop is Dell Inspiron 3543 with i3-5005u Intel HD Graphic 5500. I couldn’t find anything about DVMT in the BIOS. Maybe it’s hidden. How can I make it to install Hackintosh on my laptop?

  6. mecano

    was able to have M-5Y10c recognized as i5 with correct frequency but without CPUtype, will post details if you are interested (have to boot to OSX to get them back).
    I was trying to use Pike’s tool for power management but miss the TDP value, could you post your Broadwell file as example please?

  7. mecano

    Hey FireWolf, you greatly helped me again!
    I started modding pike 15.7 version but this beta you provided is way better.
    Tried with macbook8,1 and according board, uncommenting in code but got KP, finally succeed with macbookpro12,1. I noted that 5Y10c lower CPU frequency is wrong in the script as per Intel docs it should be 600.
    In my case P states are not sent correctly both with macbook8,1 and macbookpro12,1 I got table mismatch 0x19, PM is enabled though as I can see it with ioreg under CPU0 and LPCB but must be incomplete.
    I must have done something wrong though I also tried to use ssdtprgen with clean aml from Clover F4 and not already patched one/generated from ssdtprgen.
    Checked also with Intel Gadget, looks like it hit the roof more than often, something I didn’t notice before PM. Other differences I noted is that battery charging is reporting time not sure it did well previously and that system has hiccups at login screen and after waking from sleep which it doesn’t have before PM was on, but that’s a good sign isn’t it?
    Thanks again a lot, now onto fixing the table mismatch to allow P states!

  8. Frank

    Hi, I have a problem of Kernel Panic with Yosemite 10.10.5 and cpu i7 Broadwell
    intel hd 5500 16gb ram nvidia 840M 4gb hdd 1Tb. Can You Help me? Thank
    My laptop is HP Pavilion 15 p258nl

  9. UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown

    I thought OS 10.10.5 and El capitan had a better broadwell and HD5500 support…

    Many will find messing with the BIOS two risky.

    And some laptops’ BIOS-es do not allow any tampering with them.

  10. UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown

    Nonetheless thanks for the work…And for the efforts.

    Though I was hoping installing on intel core i3/i5 broadwell laptop with intel5500 would be as easy as with some laptops from 2012 and 2013 with sandy or ivy bridge. Mistake…

  11. Rekkun

    hey, where i can to download yosemite 10.10.3 ? everywhere, why im always found only yosemite 10.10.1 distro. never find link to download 10.10.3 ? if it should downloading by app sore, how i can make bootable 10.10.3 on yosemite ?

  12. UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown

    It did not used to, the Specs are Nvidia 5500gt, 1gb RAM, so on, I realize it’s not really the latest computer out now there, it’s mostly meant for playing extremely old games or browsing the internet. The pc automatically restarts at the beginning of a streaming video, it doesn’t actually try to operate it. I ran the pc in secure mode with networking at was able to stream video but there was no sound. It used to be able to stream video..

  13. UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown

    Is it possible to register a domain name and begin web site through Microsoft Small Business in UAE?.. If it is impossible through Ms small business, make sure you advise me personally the best website to create a new website which could operate from UAE..

  14. Mingle

    Hello FireWolf,

    I’m making preparations to dual boot mac osx on my Acer E15 laptop.
    Specs are;
    Intel Core i5-5200U
    Intel HD Graphics 5500
    Nvidia 940M Dedicated GPU
    1TB 7200rpm HDD

    Can mac osx work perfectly ?

    1. FireWolf Write

      Hi Mingle,

      Work perfectly, not very likely. Your dedicated graphics card will not work in macOS, but your integrated graphics card will work fine. I suggest you follow the installation guides on insanelyMac or tonymacx86.



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