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FireWolf OS X PE OS X

A new version of FireWolf OS X PE has been released

FireWolf OS X PE V7 is now available to download.

English release page can be found at

Chinese release page can be found at

You are welcome to report any BUGs or give any suggestions.

Feel free to leave a reply.

A new version of FireWolf OS X PE has been released

  1. UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown

    I can’t get RepairPermissions targetVolume to work using Macintosh HD in place of “targetVolume”. I am inputing in Terminal in El Cap like this:

    RepairPermissions Macintosh HD but it says HD is not a vailid argument. I do have the latest repair permissions file from your site in usr-local-bin. Any ideas? thanks.

    1. FireWolf Write

      Hi Alan,

      First please make sure that you have the latest version of the RepairPermissions command line tool. (

      Second, the targetVolume should be a VALID MOUNT POINT of a partition.

      For instance, if the label of your system partition is “Macintosh HD“, then you can type RepairPermissions /Volumes/Macintosh HD OR simply type RepairPermissions / because the mount point of your current root volume will always be /.

      Feel free to leave comments if you are still confused.

      BTW, a new version of KCPM Utility Pro will be available soon. It will help you repair permissions, rebuild caches and install kexts easily with OS X El Capitan support.