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KCPM Utility Pro V5.1 – Installing Kexts, Repairing Permissions, Rebuilding Caches, Configuring SIP and more

Howdy! Long time no see.

Finally I have finished the new significant update. With lots of bugs fixed, user experience improved, KCPM Utility Pro V5 is now released. I hope you enjoy the new functions and experience. : )

This version is obsolete.

Please manually upgrade to KCPM Utility Pro V6 instead.


KCPM Utility Pro is a 6-in-1 system maintenance tool written in Swift that supports installing kexts, repairing permissions, rebuilding caches, configuring system integrity protection (SIP), setting up BooterConfig and more.

And yes, it fully supports Apple’s latest OS X El Capitan.


Supported Languages:

English, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Japanese

(More languages are coming! If you want to add other languages support for this utility, please have a look at the localization section below.)


Supported OS X Version:

OS X El Capitan (10.11.x)

OS X Yosemite (10.10.x)

(Unfortunately, OS X Mavericks is not supported by KCPM Utility Pro due to that some Swift methods are not available under OS X 10.9.x)


Key Features:

Install Kexts to /Library/Extensions. (*1)

Install Kexts to /System/Library/Extensions.

Install Kexts to /Extra/Extensions.

Show Kexts version, path and more.

Backup Kexts that will be replaced. (*2)

Rebuild System and Kernel Caches.

Repair Permissions of the whole system partition. (even under OS X El Capitan!!)

Configure SIP (*5) and BooterConfig via either NVRAM (*3) or your bootloader configuration. (Clover & Chameleon supported) (*4)

Install Command Line Tools that allow you easily maintain your OS X in Terminal/Single-user mode/OS X Recovery and more.

Support Auto-Update.

Support Real Macs, Hackintosh Builds (Clover, Chameleon, Ozmosis)

Drag-N-Drop Function. (Starting from V3.3)

EZMode (*6) – Express Kexts Installation Mode that helps you install kexts, repair permissions and rebuild caches without your attendance. (Starting from V5.0)

Support custom kexts backup folder. (Starting from V5.0)


*1. It is recommended to install kernel extensions to /Library/Extensions under OS X El Capitan.

*2. Default kexts backup folder is ~/Desktop/FireWolf_Kexts_Backups/$time/.

*3. It is required that NVRAM is supported on your builds.

*4. The default icon will be changed to indicate which bootloader configuration you have selected. (See screenshots below)

*5. Special Notes: Apple has blocked modifying restricted areas in NVRAM. You may no longer set new SIP value directly via NVRAM, BooterConfig is stilled supported though.

*6. EZMode is disabled by default. You may enable it in the new preference panel of KCPM Utility Pro. When the EZMode is enabled, the normal “Select” and “Execute” buttons will be disabled automatically.


Known Issues in V5.1:

The status indicator may be reset if user switch to other tabs when a certain task is being executed. (e.g. Rebuilding Caches, Repairing Permissions.) However, the task would be still executed at the background and user will finally receive a task finished alert.

Workaround: Do not switch to other tabs when an operation is being executed.


Translation/Localization Support:

This part will be updated soon. (I will upload the new localization strings.)


Bugs Report:

You are welcome to leave comments related to BUGS.

Also feel free to ask questions if you are confused or encounter with problems.

(Comments are moderated to avoid spams. Please be patience and I appreciate your understanding.)









Update Logs:

V5.1 @ 2016.02.20 PDT

Add an option in the preference panel that allows you to silence the SIP->B1 warning at the startup of the program.

 (Note that even though you can silence this warning, if your SIP->B1 is still disabled, the “Install Kexts to /System/Library/Extensions” will remain greyed out, because that’s the security policy created by Apple in OS X El Capitan.)

Fix some localization related issues.


V5.0 @ 2016.02.19 PDT

New EZMode function in the Kexts Installation interface. With EZMode enabled, now you only need to drag the kernel extensions and KCPM Utility Pro will help you install them, repair permissions, and rebuild caches without your involvement.

Add a preference panel where you can select custom kexts backup folder and enable the new EZMode.

Significantly improve user experience. KCPM Utility Pro will no longer be unresponsive.

Significantly improve the efficiency of repairing permissions and rebuilding caches.

Sparkle auto-updater framework updated to address security vulnerabilities.

Significantly improve the error handling mechanism.

Fix an issue that history folder is not saved after the program terminates.

Significantly improve the security level of the entire program.

Resolve an issue that some labels are not displayed correctly.

Address an issue that kexts cannot be installed into non-root volumes properly.

Installing kexts into /S/L/E will be automatically disabled when SIP->Allow unrestricted file system access is disabled.


V3.3 @ 2015.11.01 PDT

Fix an issue that application is not responding when user closes the window.
Resolve an issue that duplicated kernel extensions are allowed in the list.
Resolve an issue that “Select” button allows selecting any files.
Resolve an issue that internal data failed to update when user deletes kernel extensions from the list.
Fix an issue that backup folder is created even though no kernel extension needs backup.
Rewrite the kexts backup method to improve efficiency.
Add Drag-and-Drop function in the Kexts Installation interface. Now you can directly drag kernel extensions into KCPM Utility Pro V3.3.


Side Notes:

There are still some minor bugs remaining to be fixed. I am still busy and currently working on a major update of KCPM Utility Pro.

I have read every comments, so I will fix reported bugs or improve my utility as soon as I figure out what happened.

Thanks for your following and using KCPM Utility Pro. I appreciate your patience and understanding.

V3.2 @ 2015.10.19 PDT

Resolve an issue that rebuilding caches may not function properly.

Minor bugs fixed.

Update the integrated RebuildCaches CLT to V1.4.

Update the integrated RepairPermissions CLT to V2.1.


V3.1 @ 2015.10.12 PDT

Improve error handling when reading NVRAM.

V3.0 @ 2015.10.12 PDT

Initial Pro version release.

New branch separated from KCPM Utility PE.




MEGA Mirror (V5.1)

Google Drive Mirror (V5.1)


MEGA Mirror (V5.0)

Google Drive Mirror (V5.0)


MEGA Mirror (V3.3)



V3.1A (For AMD users if you have encountered with crash when using the normal version)



KCPM Utility Pro V5.1 – Installing Kexts, Repairing Permissions, Rebuilding Caches, Configuring SIP and more

  1. ssn650

    Thanks for this great utility!

    Could you please explain what the various SIP Status options are, including the default values when SIP has been enabled / disabled via the Recovery Volume csrutil terminal command? Which options would you recommend as a compromise between full SIP protection and usability?

  2. Yegor

    Unfortunately i get this message on El Capitan

    You can’t open the application “KCPM Utility Pro” because it may be damaged or incomplete.

    Any suggestions? Thank You!

        1. Fox

          Well o.c. it’s not 1.5. it’s corrupted. Can’t download on any system even windows tried on 3 different machines. Same thing happened to “Yegor”

          Could you please zip it again and update the link?

          Just giving a feedback.


  3. wastez

    Just to your information.
    I added a file to System/Library/Extensions/IOPlatformPluginFamily.kext/Contents/PlugIns/X86PlatformPlugin.kext/Contents/Resources/ and fixed the permissions with your app.
    The thing is it didn´t change the permission of the file i added.

  4. Marcelo

    When you use your tool to repair the volume has an error in clover, he does not start, I have to change the OsxAptioFixDrv by OsxAptioFix2Drv to back up the clover again.

  5. Michael


    I have tried using KCPM PRO 3.3 on many different computers with El Capitan.

    The problem is the app is freezing and not responding on ALL of them 🙁
    Either I just want to repair permissions under Maintenance tab or use default option to repair permissions and rebuild system and kext caches.

    App hangs after few seconds and does nothing for hours 🙁


  6. Al Doe

    Hi there, I tried to change my SIP setting without success. The following error showed up:

    An error occured during applying new SIP configuration via NVRAM.
    User cancel the operation
    NVRAM is not supported on this machine.
    Please try to reboot your computer and try again.

    I’m using a Mac Pro 2010 with 10.11.2, any help will be appreciated.

  7. Sanchai Thiewprasertkul

    KCPM Utility Pro do not start properly under Mac OSX 10.11.4 beta 3 (build 15E39) just released today. KCPM Utility Pro icon just bounce on the dock, and not app open as it should be.

    Can you please look into this and fix please. I really miss the KCPM!

    Thank for great tweaks and app

  8. Sanchai Thiewprasertkul

    KCPM Utility Pro 5.0 start in 10.11.4 beta 4 (build 15E39d) but with some problem.

    When I start KCPM Utility Pro, a dialog pop up. It read:
    Warning: System Integrity Protection >> B1: Allow Unrestricted Filesystem is currently DISABLED.
    You cannot install kernel extensions into /System/Library/Extensions/.

    I have to click OK in the dialog and restart KCPM Utility Pro again. This time KCPM will open, but /System/Library/Extensions button is greyed out

    What go wrong? Can you please fix? At least, please bypass the annoying warning, and allow KCPM to open immediately. I understand the limitation caused by SIP, but the dialog is so annoying. Fix and advise please

    1. FireWolf Write

      Hi Sanchai,

      Since your SIP->B1 is NOT ENABLED, you cannot install any kexts into /S/L/E. I mean, seriously, Apple will not allow you to do that. That’s why /S/L/E button is greyed out.

      This warning will be presented in a dialog. After you click the OK button, KCPM Utility Pro will show up. Actually, you don’t have to restart the program again.

      Nothing goes wrong here. It’s just the security policy made by Apple. With the SIP enabled, you can only install kexts into /L/E and /E/E.

      If your point is that you don’t know why this dialog shows up, I have explained the reason.

      If your point is that this dialog is annoying and you DO KNOW that SIP will limit writing into OS-protected directories, I will consider adding an option that allows you to silence this warning. But, the /S/L/E button will still be greyed out if SIP is enabled on the running machine.

      Feel free to ask if you still have further questions.

      Thanks for your following and your feedback.


  9. Desmond Foulger


    Do you or does anyone know of a kext that will enable Samsung U28D590 Display to work on OS X El Cap? I have a MacPro Early 2009 with a HD7970 graphics card. I can get the monitor to work but I have to unplug the monitor cable, start the computer and wait to hear the hard drive booting and then reconnect the monitor. Its a real pain but the monitor is so good its worth the hassle. However, if anyone knows a fix that would be great.

    1. FireWolf Write

      Hi Desmond,

      So you have a genuine Mac Pro with an extra AMD Radeon HD 7970 card?

      How did you make the card work under your Mac Pro? Did you modify the framebuffer/AMD7000Controller.kext?

      I would suggest you dump the video bios from your graphics card and modify the framebuffer data defined in the AMD7000Controller binary to match yours.


      1. Desmond Foulger

        Hi there – yes I do. I bought it from eBay already flashed and it used to work fine on a Dell 30″ Monitor and a Dell 27″ Monitor but as soon as I bought the Samsung, thats what happens. Although I’ve been a mac tech (and apple) since before God was a little boy, I’m still relatively naive on doing what you suggested. Could you point me to a wise one? Also, since updating to 10.11.4 KCMP Utility launches but no window shows FYI Going back to the Samsung Monitor, anything you can point me to would be very much appreciated. Also BIG PRAISE for your Repair Permissions Script. I run it on every Mac I service – – rally very much appreciated.

  10. Desmond Foulger

    Codicil, I’ve tried KCMP on two other computers, one running 10.10.5 (a Hackintosh) and a 2007 iMac running 10.11.5 beta 4 and they both run fine. Obviously KCMP is conflicting with something else that I have running in the background on my MacPro, so when I have time, I’ll experiment and report back.

  11. UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown

    Hi FireWolf, thank you for your excellent tool.
    Do you plan to continue updating it or bug-fixing?
    You’ve been silent all these months…

    For example, on 10.11.5 there is no possibility to get “Updates” via your menu, there is always an error that is shown “An error occurred in retrieving information” etc.
    Can this be fixed, please?

    Also, it would be great to get some window or log if the user performs Repair Permissions and Rebuild Caches, at the end. For example, a simple window saying “Do you want to open the repair/rebuild output log in TextEdit?” and prompt top “Open”. Just some verbose output would be nice to read…

    Finally, on your site the Repair Permissions says v2.0.1 but your KCPM Utility it says v2.1, are they the same?

    Thank you!

  12. PearSierra

    错误代码 9022: 致命错误:无法与辅助程序通信。远程辅助程序无响应。
    本人系统是10.12 PB1。

  13. Elch
    Safari 11Safari 11Mac OS X 10.11.6Mac OS X 10.11.6

    Hi FireWolf, great tool! You state to update to version 6 immediately.

    Can you pls give guidance where to download KCPM Utility Pro V6?

    I could not find any link or hint under downloads and internet-search..
    THX, cheers, Elch