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Aria2 Download Manager – Configure and start downloads with Aria2 right now

Aria2 Download Manager

– Use Aria2 to start downloading right now! –

(English description on the upper half, 中文介绍在本页的下半部分)


Aria2 Download Manager (ADM in contexts) is a graphical user interface written in pure Swift of Aria2 for Mac users. ADM (currently) wraps two famous Aria2 web interfaces Aria2 Web UI and Yet Another Aria2 Web Front-end (YAAW) to manage downloads, and emphasizes on providing user friendly interface to configure Aria2 easily and conveniently.

Key Features

* Easily switch between two web interfaces.
* Make your favourite web ui the default interface.
* Integrated with latest Aria2.
* No need to write configurations file by yourself. Let ADM do these stuff for you and Aria2 works out of box.
* A user friendly interface to let you customize Aria2’s configurations.
* Support updating integrated Aria2 binary to latest version.

Supported OS Version

OS X Yosemite (10.10.x) and later.
ADM is not tested against macOS Sierra (10.12.x). Some features may not fully compatible with macOS Sierra.


Double click the downloaded application, and there you go.


The released version is signed by Developer ID certificate, so you don’t have to set the value of Allowed apps downloaded from to Anywhere in System Preferences.

Bugs Reporting

Please kindly read the known issues below before using this release page on my blog to report any bugs.

Need help for general use?

Please kindly read the FAQ section below before using this release page on my blog to ask questions.

Localization Support

ADM currently supports English, Simplified Chinese.

If you want to add your languages, please translate the language strings.

Known Issues

1. The current error feedback mechanism only prints useful information to stdout. Users may not receive alerts when they are trying to apply malformed configurations.

2. The range checking for port numbers and file spilt size is currently not implemented. If users have applied configurations containing unsupported values of the above-mentioned options, the integrated aria2c binary may not be launched.
**Workaround:** Please follow the allowed range and enter a valid number into these options. If you have already applied the invalid values, use the Revert aria2’s configurations to default values function in ADM Settings section to rollback to default/recommended configurations.

3. Aria2 may not be launched successfully after users applied new configurations. This is mainly because an existing instance of aria2c launched by ADM (or maybe other users) is still active and cannot be terminated by ADM.
**Workaround:** Open the Activity Monitor and quit any running aria2c processes. Or use the Terminal and type killall aria2c to quit all running aria2c processed. Then relaunch the ADM.

*These issues will be fixed in following releases. Apologise for any inconvenience.*

Future TODOs

– [ ] Add convenient user agents.
– [ ] Add more aria2’s configurations.
– [ ] Improve security by adding signature check of downloaded aria2c binary.
– [ ] Improve error handling and responding mechanism
– [ ] Fix the above-mentioned issues.
– [ ] Directly interact with aria2’s APIs. (Further future…)


Writing this utility cost me lots of time. If you like it, please consider some donation. 🙂





Aria2 Download Manager V1.0 (336) (4879 downloads)


Aria2 下载管理器


Aria2 下载管理器(以下简称 ADM)使用 Swift 开发,面向 Mac 用户设计的 Aria2 图形界面。ADM 目前集成了两个很有名的网页控制台 Aria2 Web UI 和 Yet Another Aria2 Web Front-end (YAAW) 来管理下载。ADM 注重于为 Mac 用户提供一个友好的、简单方便的图形界面来设定 Aria2 的各种配置。


* 可在两个不同的网页控制台互相切换
* 可设置默认的网页控制台
* 集成了最新的 Aria2
* 无需用户手动写入 Aria2 的配置文件。ADM 在启动时自动创建好必要的配置与文件,双击即可使用
* 用户可方便容易地随意配置 Aria2 的设置
* 支持更新内置的 Aria2 到最新版本

支持的 OS X 版本

ADM 支持 OS X Yosemite (10.10.x) 以及以上。
此工具并未在 macOS Sierra (10.12.x) 系统下测试。不保证所有功能将全部兼容目前的 10.12 测试版系统。



Gatekeeper 问题

正式发布的版本均使用开发者证书签名。ADM 可通过 Gatekeeper 的检查,用户无需将隐私与安全设置界面的里的『允许应用程序来源』调到『允许任何来源』。

反馈 BUG

请在本页面反馈 bug 前先阅读下面的『已知问题』,谢谢。(直接中文反馈即可)




ADM 当前支持英语,简体中文。

如果你愿意为 ADM 增加新的语言支持的话,请翻译 localization.strings。


1. 当前 1.0 版本的错误响应机制仅向标准输出通道 (stdout) 里输出一些错误信息。用户在尝试保存错误的设定时,可能不会收到一些错误警告。

2. 设置界面里的监听端口以及文件分割大小这两个设置,ADM 目前不会检查所输入的值是否在允许范围内。如果用户保存了错误的端口数或者分隔大小,ADM 可能无法启动内置的 Aria2 主程序。
**临时解决办法** 请按照旁边表述的允许的范围来设定新的值。如果你不小心地已经保存了错误的值,你可以在设置界面里的『ADM 设置』里的『重置为默认值』功能来强行恢复所有设置。然后重新启动 ADM。

3. 在用户保存了新设定后,ADM 可能无法启动内置的 Aria2。这个主要是因为进程中已有 Aria2 的实例在运行,并且该进程无法被 ADM 杀掉。
**临时解决办法** 打开『活动监视器』,找到并退出里面所有的 aria2c 进程。或者使用『终端』输入 killall aria2c 来强行关掉所有的 aria2c。



– [ ] 内置一些客户端伪装值 (UA)
– [ ] 增加更多的 Aria2 设置
– [ ] 在更新内置的 Aria2 时增加签名验证
– [ ] 增强错误处理以及响应机制
– [ ] 修复上述的问题
– [ ] 在更遥远的将来,可能和 Aria2 的接口直接互动






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Aria2 Download Manager V1.0 (336) (4879 downloads)


Aria2 Download Manager – Configure and start downloads with Aria2 right now