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KCPM Utility Pro V6 – Brand new Kexts EZInstaller, macOS High Sierra Supported, Repairing Permissions, Configuring Rootless and more

Hi, folks! macOS High Sierra is coming! Now it’s time for a new version of KCPM Utility Pro to debut!

>> Latest Version: 6.3.3570 @ 2017.06.22

>> Introduction

With brand new APIs integrated, tons of bugs fixed, and new user experience, KCPM Utility Pro 6 now offically supports installing kernel extensions, repairing permissions, rebuilding kernel caches, and configuring rootless/booter settings under Apple’s latest macOS High Sierra!

>> Supported OS Version

macOS High Sierra (10.13.x) (as of 6.3.3570)

macOS Sierra (10.12.x)

OS X El Capitan (10.11.x)

OS X Yosemite (10.10.x)

>> Multilingual Support

KCPM Utility Pro 6 currently supports English and Simplified Chinese.

>> New Key Features

Click-2-Install Mode (*)

KCPM Utility Pro 6 registers “.kext” as supported file types, so now you can simply double click one or more kernel extensions to perform installation immediately.


Smart Installation Mode (*)

Without specifying the destination folder, KCPM Utility Pro 6 is now able to detect selected kernel extensions automatically and install them to corresponding folder.


Full Custom Installation Mode (*)

Instead of installing all selected kernel extensions to one folder, KCPM Utility Pro 6 now supports specifying the destination folder for each kernel extension!


Enhanced Progress Indicator

Annoyed by a spinning circle? Thanks to the new FWRepairPermissions API, KCPM Utility Pro 6 now shows the real time progress of repairing permissions.


Redesigned Results Display

“Permissions have been repaired.” Forget about the old-style alert. KCPM Utility Pro 6 will show a detailed report of kexts installation and system maintenance. You can now easily see which files are naughty and do not have correct attributes.

Improved User Experience and Performance

“KCPM Utility Pro is not responding.” “A beachball is spinning.” Those will no longer happen. Everything in KCPM Utility Pro is designed for multithreading. New APIs in KCPM Utility Pro 6 will make full use of all the available resources and work for you as quickly as they can.

Robust Error Handling Mechanism

“An unkown error occured.” That’s disappointing and frustrating. The enhanced error handling mechanism in KCPM Utility Pro 6 makes sure that all errors will be reported.

Foot Notes for (*):

Click2Install Default Mode, Click2Install Custom Mode, Click2Install Smart Mode are powered by KCPM Utility Pro EZInstaller in /Applications/KCPM Utility All settings related to Click2Install mode can be configured via opening KCPM Utility Pro EZInstaller.

>> Reporting Bugs

Feel free to use the comment section to report any issues.

>> General Questions

Please first read the FAQ section before using the comment section to ask questions.

>> Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. What’s the difference between the default installation mode and the Click2Install mode.

A1. Here’s a table showing functions of each installation mode.


Q2. I cannot save my new SIP value via NVRAM in KCPM Utility Pro 6. Why?

A2. Due to Apple’s security policy, KCPM Utility Pro 6 no longer supports modifying Rootless settings via NVRAM. You can modify your Rootless configurations in Recovery Boot mode or by using KCPM Utility PE 6 in FireWolf OS X PE (currently not available).

Q3. An alert saying that KCPM Utility Pro failed to authenticate with the operating system.

A3. KCPM Utility Pro 6 requires your authentication to perform kexts installation and system maintenance. You need to type your password when prompted.

Q4. An alert saying that KCPM Utility Pro cannot connect to the helper after I typed my password.

A4. Quit KCPM Utility Pro, run KCPMP5Remover and restart KCPM Utility Pro. Instead of running KCPMP5Remover, you can try to manually do the following things and restart KCPM Utility Pro.

Delete /Library/PrivilegedHelperTools/science.firewolf.kcpmp.helper

Delete /Library/LaunchDaemons/science.firewolf.kcpmp.helper.plist

Kill the process named science.firewolf.kcpmp.helper via terminal or Activity

Q5. An alert saying that KCPM Utility Pro cannot connect to the helper when I am trying to repair permissions.

A5. This may be related to a bug. Open the console and check whether there is a crash report for science.firewolf.kcpmp.helper. Report this issue with the crash report. Thank you.

Q6. An alert saying that Failed to apply the new booter settings via NVRAM.

A6. Applying booter configurations via NVRAM requires that NVRAM is supported on your computer.

Q7. Apply via Bootloader button is greyed out.

A7. You must select a supported bootloader configuration before applying settings via bootloader configurations. Currently KCPM Utility Pro supports Chameleon and Clover.

>> Screenshots

KCPMP6Intro1 KCPMP6Intro2 KCPMP6Intro3 KCPMP6Intro4 KCPMP6Intro5KCPMP6Intro6

>> Update Logs

V6.3 Build 3570 (6.3.3570) @ 2017.06.22

Add preliminary support for the latest macOS High Sierra.

Integrated with the latest libRepairPermissions APIs.

Integrated with new XPC Kits to improve the stability of helpers.

Fix a rare issue that the RepairPermissions binary cannot be installed or upgraded.

Update the internal smart table rules to support new kernel extensions.

Other code level optimizations.

V6.2 Build 3317 (6.2.3317) @ 2016.10.27

Fix a rare issue that some kernel extensions are not installed under the smart installation mode.

Address an issue that front-end clients consume too many CPU resources.

Resolve an issue that may lead the program to inconsistent states.

Fix a logic error that may produce unexpected results in FWRepairPermissions APIs

Add some event handlers in KCPM Utility Pro EZInstaller to deal with helper errors.

Improve compatibility with macOS Sierra 10.12.1 and multithreading performance.

V6.1 Build 3255 (6.1.3255) @ 2016.10.12

Adopt Swift 3.

Fix an issue related to the main GUI.

Update the smart table rules to support NVIDIA Web Drivers and AMD Radeon RX 4xx graphics cards (AMD9500Controller.kext and AMDRadeonX4100.kext).

Update the internal FWRepairPermissions APIs to use the ULTRAFAST mode to repair file permissions.

Improve multithreading performances and memory management.

V6.1 Beta 2 @ 2016.10.12

All APIs have adopted Swift 3.

Improve the memory management.

This is an internal beta release and probably the last beta of 6.1.

V6.1 Beta 1 @ 2016.09.25

Adopt Swift 3.

Synchronize the internal FWRepairPermissions APIs with RepairPermissions 3.5.2025 to boost up to 20X.

This is an internal beta release.

V6.0 Build 3152 (6.0.3152) @ 2016.09.01

Register “.kext” to support Click2Install mode.

Support Smart Installation, Custom Installation modes.

Improved user experience, performance, and error handling mechanism.

Dynamically optimized for mutlithreading.

Disable user interaction when a task is being performed by KCPM Utility Pro.

Configuring rootless settings is no longer supported by KCPM Utility Pro due to Apple’s security policy, but it will be available in KCPM Utility PE 6.

Massive bugs fixed.

Update logs for legacy versions are available in here.

>> Downloads

V6.3.3570: KCPM Utility Pro 6.3.3570 (Global) (60049 downloads)

                  KCPM Utility Pro 6.3.3570 (CN Mirror) (512 downloads)

V6.2.3317: KCPM Utility Pro 6.2.3317 (110079 downloads)

V6.1.3255: KCPM Utility Pro 6.1.3255 (28501 downloads)

V6.0.3152: KCPM Utility Pro 6.0.3152 (112887 downloads)

>> Special Notes for V5 Users

V5 users cannot use the auto-update feature to upgrade to the latest version. Please manually download the V6 package, run the KCPMP5Remover and use the new version.

KCPMP5Remover: KCPMP5Remover.command

KCPM Utility Pro V6 – Brand new Kexts EZInstaller, macOS High Sierra Supported, Repairing Permissions, Configuring Rootless and more

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      因为网盘数据不可靠 特别是国内网盘 你从网盘下载下来的文件可能和我发布的文件根本不一样(MD5 SHA1 验证等)所以文件可能会被第三方篡改或者直接损坏。存在国外网盘 比如 Google Drive 什么的,都被朝内墙了。

      我文件目前存在AWS上 所以朝内访问可能会很慢 有时会无法下载 请自行解决下网络问题

    1. FireWolf Write
      Firefox 54Firefox 54Mac OS X 10.12Mac OS X 10.12

      Hi! Your version is out of date. Please do the following steps and see whether the crash still happens.

      1. Follow the FAQ Q4 section to remove the old helpers.
      2. Download the latest version and follow the prompt to install the helpers.

      Thanks for your support.


  1. Derek
    Google Chrome 61Google Chrome 61Mac OS X 10.12.6Mac OS X 10.12.6

    如果那个 EZInstaller 的设置能更直观一点就好了,kcpm注册了kext扩展名,但是其实我每次用到kext都不是想要安装到系统里的,每次不小心双击了都要手动cd 过去 然后 ls 最后rm,如果是替换安装就更麻烦了。。 如果可以加入一个选项 新窗口打开显示包内容就更好了