>> Relevant Notes, Additional Resources and References

  1. Section 1.7 Overview of DisplayPort in VESA DisplayPort Specification Rev 1.2.

This section talks about transport channels, layered designs and terms used in DisplayPort.

  1. Section Address Mapping for Link Configuration/Management in VESA DisplayPort Specification Rev 1.2.

The table in this section provides detailed information about address mapping and and purposes of each register in DPCD.

  1. Intel Graphics Driver in Linux 4.19.1 kernel

Check the two helpers that handle link rates and bandwidth at line 151 and line 169 in file drm_dp_helper.c.

Intel's driver has multiple references to these helpers. For example, there is a function at line 133 in intel_dp.c that sets the link rate to the intel_dp instance.

Besides, there is a helper named drm_dp_link_configure at line 467 in drm_dp_helper.c,which configures the link rate and writes the final result to the DP_LINK_BW_SET register at 0x100. The idea is the same as Apple's WriteAUX().

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